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We enrich our customers with quality and affordable cleaning products.

Housekeeping Cleaning Solutions

All purpose cleaner,Glass cleaner,Hand wash,Dish wash,Hand Sanitizer,Carpet cleaner

Disinfectant and stain removers

Toilet cleaner,Toilet cleaner,

Laundry Cleaning Solutions

Basic Laundry Powder,Coloured bleach,Laundry liquid,Softener

Floor Products

Bsp floor stripper,Bsp floor maintainer,Bsp floor Emulsion,Bsp wood wax

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Who We Are

B SMART PRODUCTS LTD is a premier manufacturer of speciality cleaning products and sanitary maintenance brands.Founded in 2006, we have a richness history of innovating cleaning products and solutions for a wide range of industries and market including industrial cleaning, Food processing, healthcare and education among others.

We have served the Manufacturing industry for ten years, having acquired a great deal of experience in customer service and quality production since 2006.The operational level has been attained through commitment by our staff and excellent support from our clients throughout the years. The experience and technology, together with problem solving, capability, creativity, innovation and service helped B SMART PRODUCTS LIMITED provides its clients with the best and most economical cleaning solutions.

The company name B SMART PRODUCTS LIMITED came about from the desire by the director to help people improve their cleanliness hence the environment at large. The company faced a challenge from other companies and black market manufacturers and built on the competition to produce quality products and varieties.

B SMART PRODUCTS LIMITED is well equipped to meet increasing consumer demands for good quality products by having a continuing flow of innovative new products to ensure its continues to meet evolving needs well into coming years.

Customer Service

With our ten years of experience in this field we are now able to give you a first class personalized service right from our a dvice till the goods are delivered to your doorstep.

We give extra attention to service , price , quality, delivery, value, presentation & trainings.

To add to our credibility we always ensure we go that extra mile to offer our clients a level of support and pure satisfaction that build enduring relationships.

We have a highly committed and professional compact technical sales team to execute and meet your demands efficiently and effectively.

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